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From an academic manuscript to a paper for a class, from a feature essay to a blog post, I can help you clarify, refine, and make your writing shine.

I will work with you on all stages of the writing process, including:

  • Conceptual development
  • Organization and structure
  • Logical coherence and clarity
  • Rhetorical and persuasive force
  • Tone and audience consideration 
  • Language style and flow
  • Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Conventions of style and format (MLA and Chicago Manual)

Dr. LaSusa has taught me what it means to be versatile in my writing...She was extremely patient with me and very perceptive in being able to help identify and build up my strengths....What truly matters is how you adapt and evolve all of your skills in a way that would help you create a unique and wonderful analytical piece, and Danielle LaSusa has helped me to do just that.
— Jackie M., Student at Stony Brook University

Types of Writing

I work with a variety of types of writing, including:

  • Academic (Fields in the Humanities)
    • Class papers and projects (of any length)
    • Journal articles and essays
    • Conference papers and presentations
    • Abstracts
    • Dissertations
    • Manuscripts
    • Short biographies
  • Non-Academic
    • Nonfiction essays and articles
    • Nonfiction manuscripts
    • Blog posts

If you do not see your type of project on this list, contact me to discuss whether your writing is appropriate for my services.

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Details and Rates

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, all editing can happen online. I will recommend changes and make comments digitally and we will have one or more meetings by phone or online to discuss feedback and direction.

Rates vary depending on type and length of the writing project and the level of editing desired. Contact me directly for a quote by phone at 971-361-8843 or by using my email contact form.