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When you learn philosophy from a really good teacher, it can blow your mind. It totally transforms the way you see the world, and seems to show up everywhere in your life. You want to talk about it with everyone you see. You want to be in community with people who are discovering this new worldview too, to share with them, to learn from them, and to connect.

My Philosophy Workshops provide that exact space for you to learn, share, and grow in community with others. You learn new philosophical perspectives, founded on the wisdom of the world's greatest thinkers, and then are able to reflect, experiment, and share how these ideas impact your day-to-day living. It's part philosophy class, part group coaching.

In group workshops, not only can you draw on the wisdom of the group, as well as my 13 years of philosophy teaching experience, but these workshops are also much more affordable than one-on-one coaching. There are so many benefits.

Upcoming Workshops


Buddhism in Action

Saturdays, Sept. 8, 15, 22, 1:00-3:30pm

World Cup Coffee

In collaboration with Curious Soul Philosophy

Buddhism is often thought of as a contemplative, passive philosophy, in which we retreat from the world to go on an inward journey. This popular assumption can leave the aspiring Buddhist wondering how they should handle relationships with others, and the broader social-political landscape that is often full of pain, suffering, and injustice.  How can we let go of attachments and peacefully accept this world as it is, while also working to change or improve it? In this workshop, we will explore Buddhist approaches to interpersonal relationships and social justice, and learn to speak and act effectively with compassion, curiosity, and openness.

About Philosophy Workshops:
Philosophy Workshops emphasize discussion, life experience, self-examination, and practical application.   No prior philosophical training is necessary . . .  just an open mind, a respectful approach to others, and a sense of humor!

There will be two portions of this discussion-based workshop: 1) the Theory, and 2) the Lab

The Theory: 
From 1:00-2:30, the Theory portion of the workshop will focus on exploring and discussing the concepts and principles of Buddhism in social action. We will discuss short texts that we read in advance, and work together to understand the philosophical ideas that lay the foundation for the Buddhist approach to the world.

The Lab:
After a 10-15 minute break, the Lab portion of the workshop will be an additional 45-50 minutes devoted to reflecting on how we can put theory into practice and integrate what we've learned into our everyday experience. The Lab will be a space for personal reflection, meditation, and connection with others surrounding questions of how these principles and concepts can be applied to our personal struggles.  We will devise “experiments” for trying out Buddhist principles in practice, and we will discuss with each other how they have worked, or haven't worked, during the week.

Our conversations will be informed by The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World (Harmony, 2009) which is a collaboration between the Dalai Lama and American psychiatrist Howard C. Cutler, M.D.


Week 1: Saturday, September 8:  

  • Week 1 will consider our relationships to others, how and why we see differences between us, and how we can overcome our prejudices.
  • Chapter 2: "Me and We" p. 25-44, Chapter 4 "Overcoming Prejudice" p.67-96

Week 2: Saturday, September 15:         

  • Week 2 will consider human nature, whether it is fundamentally cooperative or adversarial, why we react violently towards others, and how to cope with this violence and apparent hatred.
  • Chapter 6: "Human Nature Revisited" p. 110-125, Chapter 8: "The Roots of Violence" p. 137-155, Chapter 10: "Coping with a Troubled World" p. 183-202

Week 3: Saturday, September 22:    

  • Week 3 will consider ways that we can cultivate positive emotional responses to a violent and adversarial world and the connection between inner happiness and positive social change.
  • Chapter 12: "Inner Happiness, Outer Happiness, and Trust" p. 245-263  and Chapter 15: "Empathy, Compassion, and Finding Happiness in our Troubled World" p. 303-336.

Cost: $199

The workshop has limited space.  Please register soon to save yourself a spot! Registration closes on Saturday, September 1st.

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