Over thousands of years, philosophers have developed powerful tools to explore the good life—what makes life meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling. You can learn to use these tools, and to live with greater depth, purpose, and confidence.


Hi, I'm Dr. Danielle LaSusa. I have studied, taught, and coached philosophy for nearly two decades.

Philosophy, which simply means "love of wisdom," is about purpose, identity, and seeing the world clearly. Although philosophy today conjures the image of tweed-wearing, white-bearded professors, it is for real people in the real world, just like you.

Whether you want to create meaning, make a difficult decision, improve relationships, explore spirituality, or gain clarity, I can help. In our sessions, I offer friendly and accessible conversation, compassionate listening, and a healthy dose of humor to help you think through the practical concerns of everyday life.

I talk with clients all over the country, both remotely by phone and video chat, and in-person in Portland, Oregon. I've coached everyone from digital user-experience directors to nonprofit founders, veterinarians to personal trainers, and I specialize in serving new mothers.

Watch my TEDx talk on how to rebuild hope after your worldview falls apart.

I love helping people discover new perspectives and ways of thinking, and I have seen these shifts transform lives. I want to help you transform yours. Let's awaken your inner philosopher.

In just two sessions, my attitude around my work atmosphere has completely shifted!...I now feel empowered and happy where I had been feeling resentful, downright angry and victimized.

Danielle was compassionately honest and helped me switch my perspective while bringing in great tools from varied philosophical perspectives.
— Hannah E., Program Coordinator
I didn’t quite know what to expect, and what I discovered is that I got out of it something I’d always hoped to — but hadn’t — gotten out of traditional talk therapy: someone able to take off the kid gloves and completely follow along as I outlined the shifting existential dilemmas that I often grapple with in my own head, recognize them as commonly occurring problems previously grappled with by many others, and offer angles and insights I had yet to get to on my own....The positive impact on my clarity of thinking about my own behavior has been invaluable.
— Jason G., Design Experience Director
Talking with Danielle about some of my unconscious mind-sets regarding work was really helpful for me. In understanding that my philosophical bias was just one way to see the workplace, I was able to also identify and appreciate the other, equally valid, viewpoints that coworkers and clients might hold. This allowed me to communicate from a place of understanding and acceptance on a deeper level than what I was capable of before.
— S.L., Veterinarian

What Does It Mean to Make a Person?


What could be more philosophically confounding than creating a human being? How do you wrap your brain around the huge transitions in identity, values, responsibility, relationships that comes with motherhood? What if being a mom isn't all what you thought it would be?

Get help sorting through these changes and claim your own identity as a mother that feels powerful, centered, and whole. 

Group Philosophical Coaching


In Group Philosophical Coaching, you meet in small groups, guided by me, a professional philosopher, and you get the added benefits of sharing your journeys of growth and self-realization with other like-minded people—all at a fraction of what you’d pay for one-on-one sessions.