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Philosophical consulting uses critical inquiry and logical analysis to help your business or organization gain clarity on who you are, what you do, and where you are going.

I facilitate conversations with leaders and stakeholders to:

  • discover and define values
  • develop a clear identity
  • articulate mission
  • set priorities
  • mediate and resolve conflict
  • evaluate ethical issues and responsibilities
  • consider the social and/or political impact of your organization or product
  • develop stronger relationships with your members, customers, and community

If you find your organization stuck or ineffective, perhaps it is because different members are simply working with different definitions or conceptions or they have different assumptions or beliefs that underpin their decisions. Allow me to bring my discerning and analytical process to untangle these ideas and help everyone get on the same page. As a professional philosopher, I have an exceptionally good ability to cut through jargon and magical thinking and to reveal where conflict lies.

My Clients

Many types of businesses and organizations will benefit from philosophical consulting. I work with:

  • small businesses
  • entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
  • non-profit organizations
  • educational organizations and institutions
  • community groups
  • political and activist groups
  • religious and faith-based groups

Please contact me to discuss your business or organization, and the type of consulting you are interested in.

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Details and Rates

Rate for philosophical consulting are $150/hour or $1000 for a 7-hour day, (with reduced rates for non-profit organizations). Contact me directly to discuss your interests and needs by phone at 971-361-8843 or by email.