A Choice in the Making


For 20th century French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, we humans have the power to determine who we are. Every moment, we are creating ourselves through our choices, both in actions we take and in the meaning that we ascribe to those actions. And no matter our circumstances, we are always free to choose differently—to choose new ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

In some ways, this can be scary. It comes with a lot of responsibility that we may not always want. But it also means that we are our own makers. We write our own rules. We determine our own paths.

In short, your human life is the ultimate creative act.


Danielle LaSusa Ph.D. is a Philosophical Coach and Consultant, helping individuals and organizations think clearly, choose wisely, and live purposefully. She is the co-creater and co-host of Think Hard podcast, which brings fun, accessible, philosophical thinking to the real world.