pan xiaozhen

Philosophical Coaching should be accessible to all people regardless of income. So, I charge clients on a sliding scale.

Rates for coaching are between $80 and $280 per 50-minute session. Your rate is calculated at 0.1% of your gross household income, rounded up to the nearest $10.


To figure out your rate:

1). Start with your gross household income—the combined income of you and your spouse or committed partner, including all forms of income: (i.e. wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, interest, alimony, royalties, etc.)*

For example, $163,000

2). Calculate 0.1% of this number by dropping the word "thousand."

For example, $163,000 → 163

3). Round up to the nearest ten.

For example, 163 → $170

This is your rate per session.

* I reserve the right to request documentation of income.