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Hear are some words of praise from clients and students I've worked with.

[Philosophical Coaching is like] having your own personal guru whose knowledge isn’t pigeonholed to one set methodology or theory - the best of all the guru knowledge! Danielle was compassionately honest and helped me switch my perspective while bringing in great tools from varied philosophical perspectives. In just two sessions, my attitude around my work atmosphere has completely shifted!

THANK YOU! I was just thinking about you today when I was noticing what a shift in perspective I’m having pertaining to work. Just 2 days ago, I was walking around pissed off and you guided me to empowerment and feeling content! Without having to get all deep emotionally like therapy does! Haha! That can be draining, and this was empowering! Thanks!
— Hannah E., Portland, OR

I very much enjoyed my session with Danielle. I didn’t quite know what to expect, and what I discovered is that I got out of it something I’d always hoped to — but hadn’t — gotten out of traditional talk therapy: someone able to take off the kid gloves and completely follow along as I outlined the shifting existential dilemmas that I often grapple with in my own head, recognize them as commonly occurring problems previously grappled with by many others, and offer angles and insights I had yet to get to on my own. I was left with quite a lot to process, and at least one major breakthrough I’d likely still be struggling to obtain were it not for our session. The positive impact on my clarity of thinking about my own behavior has been invaluable.
— Jason G., Portland, OR

Talking with Danielle about some of my unconscious mind-sets regarding work was really helpful for me. In understanding that my philosophical bias was just one way to see the workplace, I was able to also identify and appreciate the other, equally valid, viewpoints that coworkers and clients might hold. This allowed me to communicate from a place of understanding and acceptance on a deeper level than what I was capable of before.
— S. L., Newberg, OR

Having spent twenty years in traditional, analytical therapy with psychologist, I was interested in a different perspective. Danielle provided an open atmosphere for discussion about concerns and goals in my life. We didn’t stay hung up in the past, as often happens in therapy, but also didn’t disregard it. It is a good balance between reflection and evolution. I highly recommend!
— Carrie C., Portland, OR

Philosophical Coaching has been a lovely approach to organizing my thoughts. At times, I used to think “I’m crazy” or “am I the only that thinks this way,” but in the light of philosophy, I see my thoughts measured against mindful thinking throughout the age of man.

It can be a scary adventure to explore the depth of your mind and heart, but with Danielle’s coaching and guidance, you feel equipped with tools to navigate the flow of thoughts and emotions. Philosophical Coaching is different form of counseling. It is a nonjudgmental examination of a problem with multiple choices of solutions, and Danielle helps you explore and build the confidence to know which is right for you. Plus, Danielle is a delight to share conversation with and has a wide range of knowledge and life experiences to contribute.
— Monique E., Battleground, WA

I spent a lot of time and energy working at jobs that didn’t really fit who I am or what I am passionate about. Working with Danielle, I now have a new career direction that I am actually excited about! Danielle asked thought provoking questions to help me connect to what I really want out of work and encouraged practical steps to make it a reality.
— Amy V., Chicago, IL

Hi Dr. LaSusa, I wanted to email and say thank you for your perspectives given in your TED talk. I have gone through many deconstructions of perspective, and I am currently an MDiv student in seminary who has been feeling a little cynical, much to my surprise since my faith has been deconstructed and reconstructed many times. Your talk came to me at a good time and reminded me that rebuilding is my choice and that even though cynicism is easy it doesn’t pay off in the long run. Much appreciation for your words and perspective! Thank you :)
— Karen S., Boston, MA

Philosophy can be a difficult discipline to tackle. In a realm of translated documents written in confusing historical contexts outlining complex abstract ideas it can be hard to know what to make of it all. Dr. Lasusa explains things in a way that untangles the Gordian knot of philosophy using real life examples, metaphors, and long-form conversation to make even its most complex ideas seem approachable.
— Nathan K., Marshall, MN

When I met Dr. LaSusa, I was very new to studying and analyzing difficult texts, as well as very new to the idea of asking for professional help when I needed it. She excels in knowing how to help her students break down large pieces of difficult information and making sure that in due time, they will be able to do so themselves. She was extremely patient with me and very perceptive in being able to help identify and build up my strengths....To this day, Dr. LaSusa’s advice and teachings have continued to help me succeed in my studies.
— Jackie M., Stony Brook, NY