We ourselves must walk the path

Guatama Buddha's great teaching was how to become free from the cravings, fears, and ego-filled pride that keeps us all miserable. He offered a clear path for how to achieve this enlightened state. But he also said that no one can save us but ourselves. "We ourselves must walk the path," is the translation often given.

So maybe you're not aiming for nirvana, but the same is true for any kind of healing and self-actualization that you strive to do. You must do the hard work of looking inside, reflecting, and sitting with discomfort, to achieve the rewards of greater inner clarity, integrity, and power. 

While the path is ultimately yours to walk, you don't have to walk it alone. It is wise to find guidance and help from those who offer. If you would like help walking your own path, I invite you to connect with me at daniellelasusa.com.