30 Delightful Conversations about Philosophy in the Real World

Philosophy ain't just for white-haired professors anymore.

Questions about what is good, beautiful, right, and valuable are questions that all of us ask everyday. Should I be "civil" to someone with intolerant beliefs and actions? How do we know what is true in the era of fake news? Is 10 Things I Hate About You the best teen movie ever made? Check out these 30 fun, accessible conversations about philosophy and everyday life.

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All 30 conversations appear on Think Hard, the podcast where two trained philosophers think hard about the real world. My co-host José Muñiz and I created this podcast because we love philosophy and we believe that it lives in the everyday world.

We bring our philosophical perspectives, our curiosity, and of course, our good humor and witty banter to everything from political protests, to self-help books, to the merits of snobbery.

We've just released our 30th episode, so I'm taking this moment to give you a brief rundown of all of our conversations thus far.

If you don't know where to begin, episodes #9, #14, #25, and #26 are some of my favorites, full of laughter, honesty, and two people trying to figure out the world.

What's your favorite episode? What topics have we not yet covered that you think we should? Post in the comments and let me know. And share this list with a friend, with your own recommendation for where they should begin!

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