What To Do When Your Worldview Falls Apart

What do you do when a fundamental belief about the world crumbles to pieces around you? How do you rebuild a sense of hope, meaning, and truth?

As a philosophy professor and coach, I've thought about these questions a lot, and I've learned some things. I gave a TEDx talk at TEDxPCC called, "What to do when you're worldview falls apart." Take a look.

What's been your big crash? If you have also struggled with a loss of faith in God, you may also be interested in my talk on how to have hope in a Godless world.

If your worldview seems to be cracking around at the edges and you feel as though you need help through the process, I invite you to connect with me for a free 30-minute Philosophical Coaching consultation. (Learn more about Philosophical Coaching here.) You can also join my mailing list, and connect with me on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Medium. Let's rebuild.


Danielle LaSusa Ph.D. is a Philosophical Coach and Consultant, helping individuals and organizations think clearly, choose wisely, and live purposefully. She is the co-creater and co-host of Think Hard podcast, which brings fun, accessible, philosophical thinking to the real world.