What is Philosophical Coaching?

Would you trade your therapist for a Philosophical Coach? More and more people are discovering the benefits of conversations with philosophers to help them figure out their lives. It’s called Philosophical Coaching or Philosophical Counseling, and there are lots of good reasons that philosophy is an excellent foundation for counseling.

These two guys are thought to be Plato and Aristotle, from the Renaissance painting “School of Athens,” by Raphael.

These two guys are thought to be Plato and Aristotle, from the Renaissance painting “School of Athens,” by Raphael.

Before psychology was its own discipline, and before psychotherapy was invented at the turn of the 20th century, if you wanted outside perspective in figuring out your life, you sought out a philosopher.

Philosophers are trained to think deeply at critically, and to engage in Socratic dialogue to help unpack conceptual problems. In other words, we’re really good at asking questions.

Additionally, philosophy has about 3000 years of human wisdom to draw from to explore issues in identity, truth, ethics, politics, and meaning. Who am I? How do I know? What should I do? What is right or just? What is the meaning of life? These are the questions that philosophers have been exploring for centuries.

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And as someone who has a Ph.D. in philosophy, I’ve read an awful lot of what they have to say, and I’ve thought a lot about the strengths and weakness of various answers to these questions.

So, in episode #36 of my podcast Think Hard, my co-host José Muñiz and I talk about what Philosophical Coaching is and why it’s valuable. It’s called #36: What is Philosophical Coaching? and you can listen below:

Want to know more about Philosophical Coaching? Why not hear it from those who have benefitted. Here are some things my clients have had to say about Philosophical Coaching:

It’s having your own personal guru whose knowledge isn’t pigeonholed to one set methodology or theory - the best of all the guru knowledge! Danielle was compassionately honest and helped me switch my perspective while bringing in great tools from varied philosophical perspectives. In just two sessions, my attitude around my work atmosphere has completely shifted!
— Hannah E., Program Coordinator

Here’s another:

I didn’t quite know what to expect, and what I discovered is that I got out of it something I’d always hoped to — but hadn’t — gotten out of traditional talk therapy: someone able to take off the kid gloves and completely follow along as I outlined the shifting existential dilemmas that I often grapple with in my own head, recognize them as commonly occurring problems previously grappled with by many others, and offer angles and insights I had yet to get to on my own.
— Jason G., Design Experience Director

And yet another:

Having spent twenty years in traditional, analytical therapy with psychologist, I was interested in a different perspective. Danielle provided an open atmosphere for discussion about concerns and goals in my life. We didn’t stay hung up in the past, as often happens in therapy, but also didn’t disregard it. It is a good balance between reflection and evolution. I highly recommend!
— Carrie C., Video Editor

Read more testimonials here.

If you think Philosophical Coaching might be right for you, I invite you to contact me for a free 30-minute phone consultation, or read more about Philosophical Coaching, including some Frequently Asked Questions, on my website.

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Danielle LaSusa Ph.D. is a Philosophical Coach and Consultant. She helps new moms grapple with what it means to make a person. She is the co-creater and co-host of Think Hard podcast, which brings fun, accessible, philosophical thinking to the real world.

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